from a dream to reality...       

Platinum Company started as a family hobby. We started our family business in the local churches because we were able to give a portion of our sales to benefit the community, then ventured to military facilities . Since our humble beginnings in 2008 we have expanded more than we ever expected and have recently launched our online presence. Our biggest accomplishment has been the ability to positively impact our community. Coming from a military background we were able to give back to active duty military families and various veteran programs. In addition, realizing the need for social interactions among special needs young adults after graduating high school, we created and sponsored a plethora of social programs through our K.I.T (Keeping In Touch) Program and Atlclubs Promotions Company.

A few years ago the family business was handed down to me.  Through trials and tribulations of learning how to balance the business and being the fulltime caregiver to my wheelchair bound dad with dementia, I carry on our purpose, core values, and mission.  We thank God and our customers for continued support and success as we continue our journey.