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Military Veterans Advocate

We are a military family.

We support our military.

A portion of our sales from Platinum Company goes to programs for military families and veterans. Furthermore, we travel the southeast region and speak to veterans in many Veteran Hospitals, sharing information on benefits and listening to concerns. It is our honor to advocate for those soldiers who defend our freedom.  

Spreading information to veterans through our travels and social media is one of our missions. Currently we are advocating for the VA's to mandate the VETERANS DIRECTED CARE PROGRAM. We are constantly contacting veterans organizations, bloggers, journalists and local, state and federal government officials. Below are links that will give you more info on the Veterans Directed Care Program and we hope that you contact your local VA and local and state officials if it is not available in your area. 

Promotions/ Events is our marketing and promotions company for events. Established in 2004, we have executed numerous events ranging from parties to fashion shows to open mics and talent shows. Because of our passion and dedication to uplift others, we have been able to provide social outlets for special need and disadvantaged young adults. 

Our history of events include Valentines, Christmas and monthly birthday socials. Furthermore, our involvement in the music and entertainment industry has allowed us to provide opportunities to up and coming artists and producers. 

The smiles we witness, the positive impact on our communities and the lives we change are our biggest accomplishments.

Special Needs Focus

KIT - Keeping In Touch is focused on Special Needs young adults that have graduated high school and have no social avenues. Once they have left the school system, special needs young adults are usually not able to interact with their peers. This deficiency can lead to isolation and depression.


We bring these young adults together through programs involving music, fashion and activities relatable to their age group. KIT has taken our groups to music studios and taught them how to record music, how to use equipment and other skills. KIT has also participated in fashion shows and taught our groups how to run an online radio show. In addition we have sponsored tennis programs, bowling outings and other events.


We hope to help improve their social skills, increase their self-confidence, lead more productive lives  through


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